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Students Learn English Beyond the Classroom

Students Learn English Beyond the Classroom

Wei Bairang couldn’t help but be intrigued when she was given a handout during English Corner, a weekly English conversation club at Beijing’s Renmin University: “Beware of Virgins – they increase divorce rates!”

Training Journalism Students in China

Lee So Young talks with an American visitor in a Tsinghua University campus coffee shop on the northwest side of Beijing. A citizen of South Korea, she’s come here to study in part because it’s less expensive than her home country’s university system, but also because of the complicated media climate.

Student Debt Remains Largely Foreign In China

The world of loans, interest rates and rising tuition costs is not entirely unknown in China. The Ministry of Education reported a total student debt from loan contracts totaling 52.41 billion RMB ($8.1 billion) since 1999. Yet according to the U.S. Federal Reserve, Americans have accumulated a total student loan debt of $900 billion, or nearly 111 times larger.

China Exports Next Generation to American Universities

Unlike many Chinese students studying at American universities today, Shiyu Jin says the quality of education was not his sole reason for leaving China to travel to Austin. “I came to [the] U.S. because… this was the only way I can travel independently and be away from my parents,” said Jin.